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Dream Big Champaign County

County Government:

  • Listening and Cooperation
  • Better 5-10 year county-wide building and budget planning
  • Unique and creative taxes
  • Financial stability
  • Lower property taxes
  • Power shared across race, income levels – less white male government
  • Election at-large
  • Better informed voters

Economic Development:

  • More job opportunities that are well paying for people without a college education
  • Respect as a destination for something besides U of I sports
  • No vacant buildings in downtown Champaign and Urbana

Physical Environment:

  • Clean water/clean air
  • Stock Homer Lake with more fish 


  • Keep county roads and bridges in good condition and roadsides mowed
  • Bike trails
  • Public transportation out to towns surrounding CU

Public Health and Safety:

  • Provide a 3-year plan for the jail
  • Support for re-entry for incarcerated people
  • Gun control
  • Final decision on sale of NH
  • Sell the nursing home
  • Services for seniors need to be better publicized
  • Help for low-income seniors
  • Healthcare
  • Housing for homeless – why not join Housing First?
  • Anything to help poor youth
  • Family fun/teen gathering spaces

Friends of Darlene Kloeppel
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