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Vision for the Office of Champaign County Executive

In 2016, Champaign County voters passed a referendum to change the form of county government to that of a County Executive who will be elected on November 6, 2018. In each area of responsibility given to the County Executive by the Illinois Counties Code, I demonstrate a level of experience and innovation important to the future economic growth of Champaign County while at the same time building a vision for the well-being of its citizens:

1.     Oversee county administrative services  

»      I am committed to the provision of quality services.  

»      assisted the Heart of Illinois Homeless Continuum of Care in designing a tool to assess effectiveness of programs and prioritize funding decisions for their 4-county service area

»      used consumer feedback to improve service offerings under my supervision at the Regional Planning Commission, resulting in a 98% client satisfaction rate

»      As County Executive, I will

»      organize county administrative duties and staff to most effectively accomplish services

»      brainstorm with department heads, followed by an integrated plan to accomplish goals coupled with regular feedback from the public on results

2.     Preside over County Board meetings

»      I am committed to efficient meeting management. 

»      experience in chairing, staffing and coordinating logistics for state and local boards and committees, national and state conferences as well as organizational training events

»      As County Executive, I will

»      collaborate with the Board’s transition committee to develop procedures for meeting schedules, rules and agendas for the County Executive form of governance

»      partner with the Board to create decision-making models to more quickly move County projects forward

3.     Break ties and have veto over County Board resolutions

»      I am committed to building consensus.  

»      chaired one committee of six composed of statewide representatives, in which I worked to change Illinois Medicaid coverage rules for services to persons with developmental disabilities

»      As County Executive, I will

»      solicit broad public input on controversial issues as an integral part of the decision-making process

»      work strategically toward a shared Board vision in order to build long-term community well-being

4.     Appoint county representatives to boards/committees, with board approval

»      I am committed to public accountability. 

»      either recused myself or resigned from boards when decisions conflicted with my public responsibilities

»      As County Executive, I will

»      implement qualification-based procedures for the filling of County appointments

»      reduce or combine appointments that have overlapping duties or extended appointment vacancies

5.     Prepare the annual county budget for board approval 

»      I am committed to fiscal responsibility. 

»      managed $11.5 million annual budget, with up to 60 separate accounts and 11 fiscal years

»      assisted in reducing cost for value received on items needed for large construction projects

»      As County Executive, I will

»      retain executive counsel only as needed, using the State’s Attorney’s Office to handle most issues

»      meet with the public and Board to develop a 6-year strategic plan for the alignment of annual budgets

»      establish a zero-based budget as a baseline for future spending plans

Two other important duties for the County Executive role not specifically defined in the Code:

6.     Represent the County at local, state and federal levels

»      I am committed to intergovernmental cooperation.  

»      wrote grants and partnered with others to bring over $120 million in Federal and state funds into the County

»      established working relationships with legislators, officials and staff in state departments and surrounding counties, municipal officials and staff to write administrative rules, establish budgets and administer services offered in Champaign County

»      coordinated funding, law enforcement and service agencies to form the Youth Assessment Center

»      supported the development of the rural transportation network in Champaign and surrounding counties

»      As County Executive, I will

»      encourage regional economic and workforce development to make Champaign County a place where residents can experience prosperity, purpose and well-being

»      seek federal, state and private funding to support County services

»      leverage County funds through intergovernmental agreements or public-private partnerships to save taxpayers money including combining staff recruiting and training efforts and more sharing of technology services

7.     Respond to constituent concerns.

»      I am committed to open communication with County residents. 

»      looked for opportunities to include public input and citizen involvement before making decisions in public programs

»      valued consumer feedback for making improvements to services offered 

»      As County Executive, I will

»      promote the County through professional representation in a positive manner at community events

»      provide frequent opportunities for information sharing and public dialogue on County issues through public hearings, public comment at meetings, board and committee meetings, other community meetings, town hall meetings, focus groups, task forces, surveys, presentations, news media, websites, social media and one-on-one conversations

Making Big Things Happen.  Helping the County Thrive.

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