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Democratic Candidate Darlene Kloeppel Endorsed by Urbana Mayor Diane Marlin

CHAMPAIGN COUNTY- Darlene Kloeppel, Democratic candidate for Champaign County Executive, has announced the endorsement of Urbana Mayor Diane Marlin.

"Darlene has the experience, common sense, and vision required of a County Executive," said Marlin. “I agree with her proposal to sell the downtown jail and utilize some of the funds to renovate the satellite jail and fund pre-trial and mental health services for those arrested. It makes no sense for the county to operate two jails. I also support her plan to combine the County Recorder’s functions with the County Clerk’s office, and eliminate the Office of Recorder at the next election."

Kloeppel retired in 2015 as Director of Community Services for the Champaign County Regional Planning Commission after 15 years of service, where she gained significant experience preparing budgets through her management of Federal and state grants with multiple fiscal years and reporting requirements.

Regarding her thoughts on the County budget, Kloeppel said, “The County Board has been budgeting many items on a somewhat short-term basis for several years. Having a longer-term vision for the future would provide direction for setting annual budget priorities. I believe having a 6-year plan to connect operating, facilities and IT budgets into one comprehensive strategy would help the County Board clarify milestones and better attain its goals."

Kloeppel also noted, "It seems wise to do a zero-based budget for a year, which also might uncover some possible cost savings."  A zero-based budget requires analysis of the tasks being performed and building a budget from zero, rather than using the last year’s budget as a baseline.
Many details are still unresolved about how the role of Executive will be carried out as the County makes the transition to the County Executive form of governance, but one duty will be to prepare the budget for County Board approval.


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